1711 Medaillion Dr. Durham NC 27704

A great short sale deal

1711 Medallion Drive
Oh occupational hazard. One of my joys and one of my challenges is that I can preview homes each and every day and I often do. Indeed it is a love affair.

1711 Medallion Drive is a short sale, the sellers lack equity to sell their home and break even, pay costs and walk away, they are…upside down. This is sad but in sadness is often opportunity.

I was in Cardinal Lake yesterday looking at new homes, which are priced $12000 higher than this home at 1711 Medallion Dr. Of course those homes are NEW and that’s what so many people want. But if one wants a deal, a bargin a good buy, well here it is. Here you’ll find three bedrooms, two and a half baths, a spacious rear deck, woods behind the home, worry free vinyl siding and a home in pretty good shape. Even better, the price, $140,000

Interested in looking, call or text me…919-608-2372