By the numbers September 2012 vs. September 2013, real estate is on an upswing

Here are Triangle wide numbers, September 2012 vs. September 2013. A few months ago I said that there would be a cooling off in the market in the 4th quarter.  Based on my volume of business, new buyer inquires and new seller inquires; I’m not certain that a cooling off is coming, just yet.  My biggest concern at the moment, is this inflation in housing values, too much, too fast; is not too good. We are seeing keen competition for good homes and in some cases not so good homes. The condo and townhouse market can still be a bit difficult.


2006 Closed Listings September 2012

$226,461 Average List Price

$218,955 Average Sale Price

112 Average Days on Market


2323 Closed Listings September 2013

$234,938 Average List Price

$228,727 Average Sale Price

80 Average Days on Market