Leave behinds

One of the joys of living in a rapidly developing area are what I call leave behinds.  Development happens with modern, ugly characterless building but the developer fails to remove all vestiges of bygone eras.  Hence, a leave behind.   So after work yesterday I was able to sneak away for an hour of so of daylight and search out some leave behinds.

Durham has recently completed a park at Githens Middle School aptly named the Old Chapel Hill Road Park, like that?  Pretty creative.  Any how, among the basketball courts, miles of walking trails, state of the art, AstroTurfed playing fields, (insert yuck here.)  What’s wrong with REAL grass?  At the new park are some leave behinds.

Visually interesting with a story I think.

Githen's Chicken Shack

Happily this gave me something to play with; I downloaded some free photo editing software and a good time was had by all.