Red Shoes or Red Houses

Red Shoes or Red Houses….
You need a pair of red shoes to go with that outfit. You go to the mall, you go to your favorite store, you find a pair of red shoes. You try them on, they fit perfectly. They sparkle, they shine, they are brilliant. The price is right, the fit like butter to your feet. Do you buy them, no of course not, you go to every other store in the mall looking for a better shoe and then ultimately come back to the first pair hoping that they are still there.
This is not the way to buy a home, in this market or any market. National news media has been howling for months that it is a buyer’s real estate market. Well that is and isn’t true. It might be a buyer’s market in Nevada where one in fifty four homes is in foreclosure. Here in Raleigh/Durham that is not the case and if one is looking for a home outside a mc subdivision it is difficult to find the right home, at the right fit and at the right price. My advice to buyers, once you have found the right fit….buy it or it may not be around tomorrow.