The Herald-Sun – NC54/15-501 connector battle

Anyone who travels NC54, Farrington Road, 15-501  at almost any hour of the day knows what a nightmare these roads can be.  I’m not sure more four and five lane roads are the answer, especially this connector which will promote more ill conceived rapid development between Chapel Hill and Durham.  What Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh need is a comprehensive transit plan that moves the area away from reliance on the automobile.

The Herald-Sun – Highways corridor agitation brewing.

Do I see this happening?  Not in the near future.  In my previous posting I talked about rain water run off; which impacts Falls and Jordan Lakes; and the city of Durham’s tax on residents regarding rain water run off.  Yet no one at the Bull City hall  seems remotely interested in addressing the gargantuan volume of storm water run off, which inevitably ends up in the lakes and wet lands that runs off of our roadway system.

The problem is like a snake eating its own tail, round and round we go…kind of like green house gases too.